Article 23: Derogations from labelling requirements for special cases

The specific provisions on labelling laid down in section 1.3 of Annex I shall apply in respect of the following:
(a) transportable gas cylinders;
(b) gas containers intended for propane, butane or liquefied petroleum gas;
(c) aerosols and containers fitted with a sealed spray attachment and containing substances or mixtures classified as presenting an aspiration hazard;
(d) metals in massive form, alloys, mixtures containing polymers, mixtures containing elastomers;
(e) explosives, as referred to in section 2.1 of Annex I, placed on the market with a view to obtaining an explosive or pyrotechnic effect;
(f) substances or mixtures classified as corrosive to metals but not classified as skin corrosion or as serious eye damage (Category 1).