2.15.1.: Definition Organic peroxides means liquid or solid organic substances which contain the bivalent -O-O- structure and may be considered derivatives of hydrogen peroxide, where one or both of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by organic radicals. The term organic peroxide includes organic peroxide mixtures (formulations) containing at least one organic peroxide. Organic peroxides are thermally unstable substances or mixtures, which can undergo exothermic self-accelerating decomposition. In addition, they can have one or more of the following properties:
(i) be liable to explosive decomposition;
(ii) burn rapidly;
(iii) be sensitive to impact or friction;
(iv) react dangerously with other substances. An organic peroxide is regarded as possessing explosive properties when in laboratory testing the mixture (formulation) is liable to detonate, to deflagrate rapidly or to show a violent effect when heated under confinement.