Article 31: General rules for the application of labels

1.  Labels shall be firmly affixed to one or more surfaces of the packaging immediately containing the substance or mixture and shall be readable horizontally when the package is set down normally.
2.  The colour and presentation of any label shall be such that the hazard pictogram stands out clearly.
3.  The label elements referred to in Article 17(1) shall be clearly and indelibly marked. They shall stand out clearly from the background and be of such size and spacing as to be easily read.
4.  The shape, colour and the size of a hazard pictogram as well as the dimensions of the label shall be as set out in section 1.2.1 of Annex I.
5.  A label shall not be required when the label elements referred to in Article 17(1) are shown clearly on the packaging itself. In such cases, the requirements of this Chapter applicable to a label shall be applied to the information shown on the packaging.