Article 53: Adaptations to technical and scientific progress

1.  The Commission may adjust and adapt Articles 6(5), 11(3), 12, 14, 18(3)(b), 23, 25 to 29 and 35(2) second and third subparagraph and Annexes I to VII to technical and scientific progress, including taking due account of the further development of the GHS, in particular any UN amendments relating to the use of information on similar mixtures, and considering the developments in internationally recognised chemical programmes and of the data from accident databases. Those measures, designed to amend non-essential elements of this Regulation, shall be adopted in accordance with the regulatory procedure with scrutiny referred to in Article 54(3). On imperative grounds of urgency, the Commission may have recourse to the urgency procedure referred to in Article 54(4).
2.  Member States and the Commission shall, in the manner appropriate to their role in the relevant UN fora, promote the harmonisation of the criteria for classification and labelling of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) and very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvB) substances at the level of the UN.