1.4.1.: Requests for use of an alternative chemical name under Article 24 may be granted only where

(I) the substance has not been assigned a Community workplace exposure limit; and
(II) the manufacturer, importer or downstream user can demonstrate that the use of the alternative chemical name meets the need to provide enough information for necessary health and safety precautions to be taken in the workplace and the need to ensure that risks from handling the mixture can be controlled; and
(III) the substance is classified exclusively as one or more of the following hazard categories:
(a) any of the hazard categories referred to in Part 2 of this Annex;
(b) Acute toxicity, Category 4;
(c) Skin corrosion/irritation, Category 2;
(d) Serious eye damage/eye irritation, Category 2;
(e) Specific target organ toxicity — Single exposure, Category 2 or 3;
(f) Specific target organ toxicity — Repeated exposure, Category 2;
(g) Hazardous to the aquatic environment — Chronic, Category 3 or 4.