Article 52: Safeguard clause

1.  Where a Member State has justifiable grounds for believing that a substance or a mixture, although satisfying the requirements of this Regulation, constitutes a serious risk to human health or the environment due to reasons of classification, labelling or packaging, it may take appropriate provisional measures. The Member State shall immediately inform the Commission, the Agency and the other Member States thereof, giving the reasons for its decision.
2.  Within 60 days of receipt of the information from the Member State, the Commission shall in accordance with the regulatory procedure referred to in Article 54(2) either authorise the provisional measure for a time period defined in the decision or require the Member State to revoke the provisional measure.
3.  In the case of an authorisation of a provisional measure related to classification or labelling of a substance as referred to in paragraph 2, the competent authority of the Member State concerned shall in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 37 submit a proposal to the Agency for harmonised classification and labelling, within three months of the date of the Commission decision.