1.1.0.: Cooperation to meet the requirements in this Regulation

Suppliers in a supply chain shall cooperate to meet the requirements for classification, labelling and packaging set out in this Regulation.
Suppliers in an industry sector may cooperate to manage the transitional arrangements in Article 61 for substances and mixtures placed on the market.
Suppliers in an industry sector may cooperate through formation of a network or by other means to share data and expertise when classifying substances and mixtures in accordance with Title II of this Regulation. In these circumstances suppliers in an industry sector shall document fully the basis on which classification decisions are made and shall make available to the competent authorities and, on request, to the relevant enforcement authorities the documentation, together with the data and information on which classifications are based. However, where suppliers in an industry sector cooperate in this way, each supplier shall remain fully responsible for the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures he places on the market, and for meeting any other requirements of this Regulation.
The network may also be used to exchange information and best practices with a view to simplifying fulfilment of the notification obligations.