1.2.1.: Minimum classification

For certain hazard classes, including acute toxicity and STOT repeated exposure, the classification according to the criteria in Directive 67/548/EEC does not correspond directly to the classification in a hazard class and category under this Regulation. In these cases the classification in this Annex shall be considered as a minimum classification. This classification shall be applied if none of the following conditions are fulfilled:
the manufacturer or importer has access to data or other information, as specified in Part 1 of Annex I, that lead to classification in a more severe category compared to the minimum classification. Classification in the more severe category must then be applied,
the minimum classification can be further refined based on the translation table in Annex VII when the physical state of the substance used in the acute inhalation toxicity test is known to the manufacturer or importer. The classification as obtained from Annex VII shall then substitute the minimum classification indicated in this Annex if it differs from it.
Minimum classification for a category is indicated by the reference * in the column ‘Classification’ in Table 3.
The reference * can also be found in the column ‘Specific Conc. Limits and M-factors and Acute Toxicity Estimates (ATE)’ where it indicates that the entry concerned had specific concentration limits under Directive 67/548/EEC for acute toxicity. These concentration limits cannot be ‘translated’ into concentration limits under this Regulation, especially when a minimum classification is given. However, when the reference * is shown, the classification for acute toxicity for this entry may be of special concern.