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2.11.4.: Additional Classification Considerations For detailed schemes for the decision logic for classification and the tests to be carried out for ascertaining the different categories, see Figure 2.11.1. The classification procedure for self-heating substances or mixtures need not be applied if the results of a screening test can be adequately correlated with the classification test and an appropriate safety margin is applied. Examples of screening tests are:
(a) The Grewer Oven test (VDI guideline 2263, Part 1, 1990, Test methods for the Determination of the Safety Characteristics of Dusts) with an onset temperature 80 K above the reference temperature for a volume of 1 l;
(b) The Bulk Powder Screening Test (Gibson, N. Harper, D.J. Rogers, R.Evaluation of the fire and explosion risks in drying powders, Plant Operations Progress, 4 (3), 181-189, 1985) with an onset temperature 60 K above the reference temperature for a volume of 1 l.

Figure 2.11.1.

Self-heating substances and mixtures