2.8.4.: Additional Classification Considerations The properties of self-reactive substances or mixtures which are decisive for their classification shall be determined experimentally. The classification of a self reactive substance or mixture shall be performed in accordance with test series A to H as described in Part II of the ►M4  UN RTDG ◄ , Manual of Tests and Criteria. The procedure for classification is described in Figure 2.8.1. The classification procedures for self-reactive substances and mixtures need not be applied if:
(a) There are no chemical groups present in the molecule associated with explosive or self reactive properties. Examples of such groups are given in Tables A6.1 and A6.2 in Appendix 6 of the ►M4  UN RTDG ◄ , Manual of Tests and Criteria; or
(b) For a single organic substance or a homogeneous mixture of organic substances, the estimated SADT for a 50 kg package is greater than 75 °C or the exothermic decomposition energy is less than 300J/g. The onset temperature and decomposition energy can be estimated using a suitable calorimetric technique (see Part II, sub-section of the ►M4  UN RTDG ◄ , Manual of Tests and Criteria).

Figure 2.8.1

Self-reactive substances and mixtures