Article 5: Identification and examination of available information on substances

1.  Manufacturers, importers and downstream users of a substance shall identify the relevant available information for the purposes of determining whether the substance entails a physical, health or environmental hazard as set out in Annex I, and, in particular, the following:
(a) data generated in accordance with any of the methods referred to in Article 8(3);
(b) epidemiological data and experience on the effects on humans, such as occupational data and data from accident databases;
(c) any other information generated in accordance with section 1 of Annex XI to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006;
(d) any new scientific information;
(e) any other information generated under internationally recognised chemical programmes.
The information shall relate to the forms or physical states in which the substance is placed on the market and in which it can reasonably be expected to be used.
2.  Manufacturers, importers and downstream users shall examine the information referred to in paragraph 1 to ascertain whether it is adequate, reliable and scientifically valid for the purpose of the evaluation pursuant to Chapter 2 of this Title.