2.15.4.: Additional Classification Considerations Organic peroxides are classified by definition based on their chemical structure and on the available oxygen and hydrogen peroxide contents of the mixture (see The properties of organic peroxides which are necessary for their classification shall be determined experimentally. The classification of organic peroxides shall be performed in accordance with test series A to H as described in Part II of the ►M4  UN RTDG ◄ , Manual of Tests and Criteria. The procedure for classification is described in Figure 2.15.1. Mixtures of already classified organic peroxides may be classified as the same type of organic peroxide as that of the most dangerous component. However, as two stable components can form a thermally less stable mixture, the SADT of the mixture shall be determined.

Note: The sum of the individual parts can be more hazardous than the individual components.

Figure 2.15.1

Organic Peroxides