Appendix 7: Special provisions on the labelling of articles containing asbestos


All articles containing asbestos or the packaging thereof must bear the label defined as follows:

(a) the label conforming to the specimen below shall be at least 5 cm high (H) and 2,5  cm wide;

(b) it shall consist of two parts:

 the top part (h1 = 40 % H) shall include the letter ‘a’ in white, on a black background,

 the bottom part (h2= 60 % H) shall include the standard wording in white and/or black, on a red background, and shall be clearly legible;

(c) if the article contains crocidolite, the words ‘contains asbestos’ used in the standard wording shall be replaced by ‘contains crocidolite/blue asbestos’.

Member States may exclude from the provision of the first subparagraph articles intended to be placed on the market in their territory. The labelling of these articles must however bear the wording ‘contains asbestos’;

(d) if labelling takes the form of direct printing on the articles, a single colour contrasting with the background colour is sufficient.



The label mentioned in this Appendix shall be affixed in accordance with the following rules:

(a) on each of the smallest units supplied;

(b) if an article has asbestos-based components, it is sufficient for these components only to bear the label. The labelling may be dispensed with if smallness of size or unsuitability of packaging make it impossible for a label to be affixed to the component.


Labelling of packaged articles containing asbestos

3.1. The following particulars shall appear on clearly legible and indelible labelling on the packaging of packaged articles containing asbestos:

(a) the symbol and relevant indications of danger in accordance with this Annex;

(b) safety instructions which must be selected in accordance with the particulars in this Annex, inasmuch as they are relevant for the particular article.

Where additional safety information is provided on the packaging, this shall not weaken or contradict the particulars given in accordance with points (a) and (b).

3.2. Labelling in accordance with 3.1 shall be effected by means of:

 a label firmly affixed to the packaging, or

 a (tie-on) label securely attached to the package, or

 direct printing of the packaging.

3.3. Articles containing asbestos and which are packaged only in loose plastic wrapping or the like shall be regarded as packaged articles and shall be labelled in accordance with 3.2. If articles are separated from such packages and placed on the market unpackaged, each of the smallest units supplied shall be accompanied by labelling particulars in accordance with 3.1.


Labelling of unpackaged articles containing asbestos

For unpackaged articles containing asbestos, labelling in accordance with 3.1 shall be effected by means of:

 a label firmly affixed to the article containing asbestos,

 a (tie-on) label securely attached to such an article,

 direct printing on the articles,

or, if the abovementioned is not reasonably practicable as in the case of, for example, smallness of size of the article, the unsuitable nature of the article's properties or certain technical difficulties by means of a hand-out with labelling in accordance with 3.1.


Without prejudice to Community provisions on safety and hygiene at work, the label affixed to the article which may, in the context of its use, be processed or finished, shall be accompanied by any safety instructions which may be appropriate for the article concerned, and in particular by the following:

 operate if possible out of doors or in a well-ventilated place,

 preferably use hand tools or low-speed tools equipped, if necessary, with an appropriate dust-extraction facility. If high-speed tools are used, they should always be equipped with such a facility,

 if possible, dampen before cutting or drilling,

 dampen dust and place it in a properly closed receptacle and dispose of it safely.


The labelling of any article intended for domestic use which is not covered by Section 5 and which is likely, during use, to release asbestos fibres shall, if necessary, contain the following safety instruction: ‘replace when worn’.


The labelling of articles containing asbestos shall be in the official language or languages of the Member State(s) where the article is placed on the market.