12.: SECTION 12: Ecological information

This section of the safety data sheet shall provide information to enable evaluation of the environmental impact of the substance or mixture where it is released to the environment. Subsections 12.1 to 12.6 of the safety data sheet shall provide a short summary of the data including, where available, relevant test data and clearly indicating species, media, units, test duration and test conditions. This information may assist in handling spills, and evaluating waste treatment practices, control of release, accidental release measures and transport. If it is stated that a particular property does not apply (because the available data shows that the substance or mixture does not meet the criteria for classification) or if information on a particular property is not available, the reasons shall be indicated. Additionally, if a substance or mixture is not classified for other reasons (for example, due to the technical impossibility of obtaining the data or to inconclusive data) this should be clearly stated on the safety data sheet.
Some properties are substance specific, i.e. bioaccumulation, persistence and degradability, and that information shall be given, where available and appropriate, for each relevant substance in the mixture (i.e. those which are required to be listed in Section 3 of the safety data sheet and are hazardous to the environment or PBT/vPvB substances). Information shall also be provided for hazardous transformation products arising from the degradation of substances and mixtures.
The information in this section shall be consistent with the information provided in the registration and/or in the chemical safety report where required, and with the classification of the substance or mixture.
12.1. / Toxicity
12.2. / Persistence and degradability
12.3. / Bioaccumulative potential
12.4. / Mobility in soil
12.5. / Results of PBT and vPvB assessment
12.6. / Other adverse effects