8.2.2.: Individual protection measures, such as personal protective equipment

The information on use of personal protective equipment shall be consistent with good occupational hygiene practices and in conjunction with other control measures, including engineering controls, ventilation and isolation. Where appropriate, Section 5 shall be referred to for specific fire/chemical personal protective equipment advice.

Taking into account Council Directive 89/686/EEC ( 37 ) and referring to the appropriate CEN standards, detailed specifications shall be given on which equipment will provide adequate and suitable protection, including:

(a) Eye/face protection

The type of eye/face protection equipment required shall be specified based on the hazard of the substance or mixture and potential for contact, such as safety glasses, safety goggles, face-shield.

(b) Skin protection

(i)  Hand protection

The type of gloves to be worn when handling the substance or mixture shall be clearly specified based on the hazard of the substance or mixture and potential for contact and with regard to the amount and duration of dermal exposure, including:

 the type of material and its thickness,

 the typical or minimum breakthrough times of the glove material,

If necessary, any additional hand protection measures shall be indicated.

(ii)  Other

If it is necessary to protect a part of the body other than the hands, the type and quality of protection equipment required shall be specified, such as gauntlets, boots, bodysuit based on the hazards associated with the substance or mixture and the potential for contact.

If necessary, any additional skin protection measures and specific hygiene measures shall be indicated.

(c) Respiratory protection

For gases, vapours, mist or dust, the type of protective equipment to be used shall be specified based on the hazard and potential for exposure, including air-purifying respirators, specifying the proper purifying element (cartridge or canister), the adequate particulate filters and the adequate masks, or self-contained breathing apparatus.

(d) Thermal hazards

When specifying protective equipment to be worn for materials that represent a thermal hazard, special consideration shall be given to the construction of the personal protective equipment.