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This information shall be consistent with that in the Safety Data Sheet, where such a Safety Data Sheet is required according to Article 31.
5.1. First-aid measures (Safety Data Sheet heading 4)
5.2. Fire-fighting measures (Safety Data Sheet heading 5)
5.3. Accidental release measures (Safety Data Sheet heading 6)
5.4. Handling and storage (Safety Data Sheet heading 7)
5.5. Transport information (Safety Data Sheet heading 14)

Where a Chemical Safety Report is not required, the following additional information is required:

5.6. Exposure controls/personal protection (Safety Data Sheet heading 8)
5.7. Stability and reactivity (Safety Data Sheet heading 10)
5.8. Disposal considerations
5.8.1. Disposal considerations (Safety Data Sheet heading 13)
5.8.2. Information on recycling and methods of disposal for industry
5.8.3. Information on recycling and methods of disposal for the public.