3.1. Overall manufacture, quantities used for production of an article that is subject to registration, and/or imports in tonnes per registrant per year in:

the calendar year of the registration (estimated quantity)

3.2. In the case of a manufacturer or producer of articles: brief description of the technological process used in manufacture or production of articles.

Precise details of the process, particularly those of a commercially sensitive nature, are not required.

3.3. An indication of the tonnage used for his own use(s)
3.4. Form (substance, ►M3  mixture ◄ or article) and/or physical state under which the substance is made available to downstream users. Concentration or concentration range of the substance in ►M3  mixtures ◄ made available to downstream users and quantities of the substance in articles made available to downstream users.
3.5. Brief general description of the identified use(s)
3.6. Information on waste quantities and composition of waste resulting from manufacture of the substance, the use in articles and identified uses
3.7. Uses advised against ►M7  (see Section 1 of the safety data sheet) ◄

Where applicable, an indication of the uses which the registrant advises against and why (i.e. non-statutory recommendations by supplier). This need not be an exhaustive list.