0.1. The purpose of this Annex is to set out how manufacturers and importers are to assess and document that the risks arising from the substance they manufacture or import are adequately controlled during manufacture and their own use(s) and that others further down the supply chain can adequately control the risks. This Annex shall also apply adapted as necessary to producers and importers of articles required to make a chemical safety assessment as part of a registration.
0.2. The chemical safety assessment shall be prepared by one or more competent person(s) who have appropriate experience and received appropriate training, including refresher training.
0.3. The chemical safety assessment of a manufacturer shall address the manufacture of a substance and all the identified uses. The chemical safety assessment of an importer shall address all identified uses. The chemical safety assessment shall consider the use of the substance on its own (including any major impurities and additives), in a ►M3  mixture ◄ and in an article, as defined by the identified uses. The assessment shall consider all stages of the life-cycle of the substance resulting from the manufacture and identified uses. The chemical safety assessment shall be based on a comparison of the potential adverse effects of a substance with the known or reasonably foreseeable exposure of man and/or the environment to that substance taking into account implemented and recommended risk management measures and operational conditions.
0.4. Substances whose physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties are likely to be similar or follow a regular pattern as a result of structural similarity may be considered as a group, or ‘category’ of substances. If the manufacturer or importer considers that the chemical safety assessment carried out for one substance is sufficient to assess and document that the risks arising from another substance or from a group or ‘category’ of substances are adequately controlled then he can use that chemical safety assessment for the other substance or group or ‘category’ of substances. The manufacturer or importer shall provide a justification for this.
0.5. The chemical safety assessment shall be based on the information on the substance contained in the technical dossier and on other available and relevant information. Manufacturers or importers submitting a proposal for testing in accordance with Annexes IX and X shall record this under the relevant heading of the chemical safety report. Available information from assessments carried out under other international and national programmes shall be included. Where available and appropriate, an assessment carried out under Community legislation (e.g. risk assessments completed under Regulation (EEC) No 793/93) shall be taken into account in the development of, and reflected in, the chemical safety report. Deviations from such assessments shall be justified.

Thus the information to be considered includes information related to the hazards of the substance, the exposure arising from the manufacture or import, the identified uses of the substance, operational conditions and risk management measures applied or recommended to downstream users to be taken into account.

In accordance with section 3 of Annex XI in some cases, it may not be necessary to generate missing information, because risk management measures and operational conditions which are necessary to control a well-characterised risk may also be sufficient to control other potential risks, which will not therefore need to be characterised precisely.

If the manufacturer or importer considers that further information is necessary for producing his chemical safety report and that this information can only be obtained by performing tests in accordance with Annex IX or X, he shall submit a proposal for a testing strategy, explaining why he considers that additional information is necessary and record this in the chemical safety report under the appropriate heading. While waiting for results of further testing, he shall record in his chemical safety report, and include in the exposure scenario developed, the interim risk management measures that he has put in place and those he recommends to downstream users intended to manage the risks being explored.

0.6. / Steps of a chemical safety assessment