Article 71: Agency opinion: Committee for Socio-economic Analysis

1.  Within 12 months of the date of publication referred to in Article 69(6), the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis shall formulate an opinion on the suggested restrictions, based on its consideration of the relevant parts of the dossier and the socio-economic impact. It shall prepare a draft opinion on the suggested restrictions and on the related socio-economic impact, taking account of the analyses or information according to Article 69(6)(b), if there are any. The Agency shall publish the draft opinion on its website without delay. The Agency shall invite interested parties to give their comments on the draft opinion no later than 60 days from the publication of that draft opinion.
2.  The Committee for Socio-economic Analysis shall without delay adopt its opinion, taking into account where appropriate further comments received by the deadline set. This opinion shall take account of the comments and socio-economic analyses of interested parties submitted under Article 69(6)(b) and under paragraph 1 of this Article.
3.  Where the opinion of the Committee for Risk Assessment diverges significantly from the restrictions suggested, the Agency may postpone the deadline for the opinion of the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis by a maximum of 90 days.