2.1.: Registration

For the identification of PBT and vPvB substances in the registration dossier, the registrant shall consider the information as described in Annex I and in Section 3 of this Annex.
If the technical dossier contains for one or more endpoints only information as required in Annexes VII and VIII, the registrant shall consider information relevant for screening for P, B, or T properties in accordance with Section 3.1 of this Annex. If the result from the screening tests or other information indicate that the substance may have PBT or vPvB properties, the registrant shall generate relevant additional information as set out in Section 3.2 of this Annex. In case the generation of relevant additional information would require information listed in Annexes IX or X, the registrant shall submit a testing proposal. Where the process and use conditions of the substance meet the conditions as specified in Section 3.2(b) or (c) of Annex XI the additional information may be omitted, and subsequently the substance is considered as if it is a PBT or vPvB in the registration dossier. No additional information needs to be generated for the assessment of PBT/vPvB properties if there is no indication of P or B properties following the result from the screening test or other information.