4.0.: Introduction

4.0.1. The objective of the PBT and vPvB assessment shall be to determine if the substance fulfils the criteria given in Annex XIII and if so, to characterise the potential emissions of the substance. A hazard assessment in accordance with Sections 1 and 3 of this Annex addressing all the long-term effects and the estimation of the long-term exposure of humans and the environment as carried out in accordance with Section 5 (Exposure Assessment), step 2 (Exposure Estimation), cannot be carried out with sufficient reliability for substances satisfying the PBT and vPvB criteria in Annex XIII. Therefore, a separate PBT and vPvB assessment is required.
4.0.2. The PBT and vPvB assessment shall comprise the following two steps, which shall be clearly identified as such in Part B, Section 8 of the Chemical Safety Report:

Step 1


Comparison with the Criteria.

Step 2


Emission Characterisation.

The assessment shall also be summarised in the Safety Data Sheet under heading 12.