7.2.: Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

The advice provided shall be consistent with the physical and chemical properties described in Section 9 of the safety data sheet. If relevant, advice shall be provided on specific storage requirements including:
(a) how to manage risks associated with:
(i) explosive atmospheres;
(ii) corrosive conditions;
(iii) flammability hazards;
(iv) incompatible substances or mixtures;
(v) evaporative conditions; and
(vi) potential ignition sources (including electrical equipment);
(b) how to control the effects of:
(i) weather conditions;
(ii) ambient pressure;
(iii) temperature;
(iv) sunlight;
(v) humidity; and
(vi) vibration;
(c) how to maintain the integrity of the substance or mixture by the use of:
(i) stabilisers; and
(ii) antioxidants;
(d) other advice including:
(i) ventilation requirements;
(ii) specific designs for storage rooms or vessels (including retention walls and ventilation);
(iii) quantity limits under storage conditions (if relevant); and
(iv) packaging compatibilities.