0.2.: General requirements for compiling a safety data sheet


The safety data sheet shall enable users to take the necessary measures relating to protection of human health and safety at the workplace, and protection of the environment. The writer of the safety data sheet shall take into account that a safety data sheet must inform its audience of the hazards of a substance or a mixture and provide information on the safe storage, handling and disposal of the substance or the mixture.


The information provided by safety data sheets shall also meet the requirements set out in Directive 98/24/EC. In particular, the safety data sheet shall enable employers to determine whether any hazardous chemical agents are present in the workplace and to assess any risk to the health and safety of workers arising from their use.


The information in the safety data sheet shall be written in a clear and concise manner. The safety data sheet shall be prepared by a competent person who shall take into account the specific needs and knowledge of the user audience, as far as they are known. Suppliers of substances and mixtures shall ensure that such competent persons have received appropriate training, including refresher training.


The language used in the safety data sheet shall be simple, clear and precise, avoiding jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. Statements such as ‘may be dangerous’, ‘no health effects’, ‘safe under most conditions of use’ or ‘harmless’ or any other statements indicating that the substance or mixture is not hazardous or any other statements that are inconsistent with the classification of that substance or mixture shall not be used.


The date of compilation of the safety data sheet shall be given on the first page. When a safety data sheet has been revised and the new, revised version is provided to recipients, the changes shall be brought to the attention of the recipients in Section 16 of the safety data sheet, unless the changes have been indicated elsewhere. For the revised safety data sheets, the date of compilation, identified as ‘Revision: (date)’, as well as a version number, revision number, supersedes date or some other indication of what version is replaced shall appear on the first page.