Article 49: Further information on on-site isolated intermediates

For on-site isolated intermediates that are used in strictly controlled conditions, neither dossier nor substance evaluation shall apply. However, where the competent authority of the Member State in whose territory the site is located considers that a risk to human health or the environment, equivalent to the level of concern arising from the use of substances meeting the criteria in Article 57, arises from the use of an on-site isolated intermediate and that risk is not properly controlled, it may:
(a) require the registrant to submit further information directly related to the risk identified. This request shall be accompanied by a written justification;
(b) examine any information submitted and, if necessary, recommend any appropriate risk reduction measures to address the risks identified in relation to the site in question.
The procedure provided for in the first paragraph may be undertaken only by the competent authority referred to therein. The competent authority shall inform the Agency of the results of such an evaluation, which shall then inform the competent authorities of the other Member States and make the results available to them.