ARTICLE 114: Classification and labelling inventory
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ARTICLE 114: Classification and labelling inventory
1. A classification and labelling inventory, listing the information referred to in Article 113(1), both for information notified under Article 113(1) as well as for information submitted as part of a registration, shall be established and maintained by the Agency in the form of a database. The information in this database identified in Article 119(1) shall be publicly accessible. The Agency shall grant access to the other data on each substance in the inventory to the notifiers and registrants who have submitted information on that substance in accordance with Article 29(1).
The Agency shall update the inventory when it receives updated information in accordance with Article 113(3).
2. In addition to the information referred to in paragraph 1, the Agency shall record the following information, where appropriate, against each entry:
(a) whether, in respect of the entry, there is a harmonised classification and labelling at Community level by inclusion in Annex I of Directive 67/548/EEC;
(b) whether, in respect of the entry, it is a joint entry between registrants of the same substance as per Article 11(1);
(c) if the entry differs from another entry on the inventory for the same substance;
(d) the relevant registration number(s), if available.
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ARTICLE 113: Obligation to notify the Agency