ARTICLE 115: Harmonisation of classification and labelling
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ARTICLE 115: Harmonisation of classification and labelling
1. Harmonised classification and labelling at Community level shall, from 1 June 2007, normally be added to Annex I of Directive 67/548/EEC for classification of a substance as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction category 1, 2 or 3, or as a respiratory sensitiser. Harmonised classification and labelling for other effects may also be added to Annex I of Directive 67/548/EEC on a case-by-case basis if justification is provided demonstrating the need for action at Community level. To this end, Member State competent authorities may submit proposals to the Agency for harmonised classification and labelling in accordance with Annex XV.
2. The Committee for Risk Assessment shall adopt an opinion on the proposal, giving parties concerned the opportunity to comment. The Agency shall forward this opinion and any comments to the Commission, which shall take a decision in accordance with Article 4(3) of Directive 67/548/EEC.
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ARTICLE 48: Follow-up to substance evaluation