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About REACH Online

  • REACH Online is fully interactive website providing easy access to the required information in REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulation.
  • REACH Online results from the needs and requirements of REACH users. It is trying to make the complex and difficult REACH Regulation accessible in the most effective and user friendly way.
  • REACH Online is still being updated on the basis of your ideas and requirements.
  • REACH Online provides interactive electronic forms of multilingual versions of European Community Regulation REACH in their latest revisions.

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About us

  • We’re a team of experienced REACH and CLP consultants providing complex expert consultancy services to facilitate entry of non-EU manufacturers and importers of chemicals to the European market as well as navigating established European companies to compliance with REACH and CLP. We have experienced that REACH and CLP is a huge piece of legislation for a single person to handle and requires various expertise. That's why we operate as a team of specialists on different tasks in REACH and CLP from REACH registration to authoring of SDS.

  • Our mission is to navigate you to comliance with REACH and CLP at minimum cost.

  • For the complete list of our REACH and CLP expert services see our new REACH and CLP Compliance website: