CHAPTER-3: Rules for phase-in-substances
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ARTICLE 29: Substance Information Exchange Forums
1. All potential registrants, downstream users and third parties who have submitted information to the Agency in accordance with Article 28, or whose information is held by the Agency in accordance with Article 15, for the same phase-in substance, or registrants who have submitted a registration for that phase-in substance before the deadline set out in Article 23(3), shall be participants in a substance information exchange forum (SIEF).
2. The aim of each SIEF shall be to:
(a) facilitate, for the purposes of registration, the exchange of the information specified in Article 10(a) (vi) and (vii) between potential registrants, thereby avoiding the duplication of studies; and
(b) agree classification and labelling where there is a difference in the classification and labelling of the substance between potential registrants.
3. SIEF participants shall provide other participants with existing studies, react to requests by other participants for information, collectively identify needs for further studies for the purposes of paragraph 2(a) and arrange for such studies to be carried out. Each SIEF shall be operational until 1 June 2018.
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ARTICLE 28: Duty to pre-register for phase-in substances
ARTICLE 114: Classification and labelling inventory