ARTICLE 89: Establishment of the Board of Appeal
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ARTICLE 89: Establishment of the Board of Appeal
1. The Board of Appeal shall consist of a Chairman and two other members.
2. The Chairman and the two members shall have alternates who shall represent them in their absence.
3. The Chairman, the other members and the alternates shall be appointed by the Management Board on the basis of a list of candidates proposed by the Commission following a call for expressions of interest published in the Official Journal of the European Union and in other periodicals or on Internet sites. They shall be appointed on the basis of their relevant experience and expertise in the field of chemical safety, natural sciences or regulatory and judicial procedures from a list of qualified candidates adopted by the Commission.
The Management Board may appoint additional members and their alternates, on recommendation by the Executive Director, following the same procedure, if this is necessary to ensure that the appeals can be processed at a satisfactory rate.
4. The qualifications required for the members of the Board of Appeal shall be determined by the Commission in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 133(3).
5. The Chairman and the members shall have equal voting rights.
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ARTICLE 78: Powers of the Management Board