CHAPTER-2: Substance evaluation
ARTICLE 47: Coherence with other activities
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ARTICLE 47: Coherence with other activities
1. An evaluation of a substance shall be based on all relevant information submitted on that particular substance and on any previous evaluation under this Title. Where information on intrinsic properties of a substance has been generated by reference to structurally related substance(s), the evaluation may also cover these related substances. In cases where a decision on an evaluation has been previously taken in accordance with Article 51 or Article 52, any draft decision requiring further information under Article 46 may be justified only by a change of circumstances or acquired knowledge.
2. In order to ensure a harmonised approach to requests for further information, the Agency shall monitor draft decisions under Article 46 and shall develop criteria and priorities. Where appropriate, implementing measures shall be adopted in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 133(3).
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ARTICLE 45: Competent authority