ARTICLE 87: Rapporteurs of Committees and use of experts
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ARTICLE 87: Rapporteurs of Committees and use of experts
1. Where, in accordance with Article 77, a Committee is required to provide an opinion or consider whether a Member State dossier conforms with the requirements of Annex XV, it shall appoint one of its members as a rapporteur. The Committee concerned may appoint a second member to act as co-rapporteur. For each case, rapporteurs and co-rapporteurs shall undertake to act in the interests of the Community and shall make a declaration of commitment to fulfil their duties and a declaration of interests in writing. A member of a Committee shall not be appointed rapporteur for a particular case if he indicates any interest that might be prejudicial to the independent consideration of that case. The Committee concerned may replace the rapporteur or co-rapporteur by another one of its members at any time, if, for example, they are unable to fulfil their duties within the prescribed time limits, or if a potentially prejudicial interest comes to light.
2. Member States shall transmit to the Agency the names of experts with proven experience in the tasks required by Article 77, who would be available to serve on working groups of the Committees, together with an indication of their qualifications and specific areas of expertise.
The Agency shall keep an up-to-date list of experts. The list shall include the experts referred to in the first subparagraph and other experts identified directly by the Secretariat.
3. The provision of services by Committee members or any expert serving on a working group of the Committees or Forum, or performing any other task for the Agency shall be governed by a written contract between the Agency and the person concerned, or where appropriate between the Agency and the employer of the person concerned.
The person concerned, or his employer, shall be remunerated by the Agency in accordance with a scale of fees to be included in the financial arrangements established by the Management Board. Where the person concerned fails to fulfil his duties, the Executive Director has the right to terminate or suspend the contract or withhold remuneration.
4. The provision of services for which there are several potential providers may require a call for an expression of interest:
(a) if the scientific and technical context allows; and
(b) if it is compatible with the duties of the Agency, in particular the need to provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment.
The Management Board shall adopt the appropriate procedures on a proposal from the Executive Director.
5. The Agency may use the services of experts for the discharge of other specific tasks for which it is responsible.