ARTICLE 79: Composition of the Management Board
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ARTICLE 79: Composition of the Management Board
1. The Management Board shall be composed of one representative from each Member State and a maximum of six representatives appointed by the Commission, including three individuals from interested parties without voting rights and in addition two independent persons appointed by the European Parliament.
Each Member State shall nominate a member to the Management Board. The members thus nominated shall be appointed by the Council.
2. Members shall be appointed on the basis of their relevant experience and expertise in the field of chemical safety or the regulation of chemicals whilst ensuring there is relevant expertise amongst the board members in the fields of general, financial and legal matters.
3. The duration of the term of office shall be four years. The term of office may be renewed once. However, for the first mandate, the Commission shall identify half of its appointees, and the Council shall identify 12 of its appointees, for whom this period shall be six years.