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ARTICLE 78: Powers of the Management Board
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ARTICLE 78: Powers of the Management Board
The Management Board shall appoint the Executive Director pursuant to Article 84 and an accounting officer in accordance with Article 43 of Regulation (EC, Euratom) No 2343/2002.
It shall adopt:
(a) by 30 April each year, the general report of the Agency for the previous year;
(b) by 31 October each year the work programme of the Agency for the coming year;
(c) the final budget of the Agency pursuant to Article 96 before the beginning of the financial year, adjusting it, where necessary, according to the Community contribution and any other revenue of the Agency;
(d) a multiannual work programme, which shall be regularly revised.
It shall adopt the internal rules and procedures of the Agency. These rules shall be made public.
It shall perform its duties in relation to the Agency's budget pursuant to Articles 96, 97 and 103.
It shall exercise disciplinary authority over the Executive Director.
It shall adopt its rules of procedure.
It shall appoint the Chairman, the members and alternates of the Board of Appeal in accordance with Article 89.
It shall appoint the members of the Agency committees as set out in Article 85.
It shall forward annually any information relevant to the outcome of the evaluation procedures in accordance with Article 96(6).
Referred by:
ARTICLE 76: Composition
ARTICLE 103: Staff rules and regulations